All Governments in Africa, irrespective of type [Presidential republics, semi-presidential republics, federal presidential republics, parliamentary republics, federal parliamentary republics and parliamentary constitutional monarchies], have a role to provide leadership and an environment to nurture the responsible harnessing of resources to sustainably provide for their people.
Among others, Governments seek to provide health, education, security, livelihoods, housing, transport, and other public goods to their people. This is either delivered directly or through semi-autonomous bodies or through provision of an enabling environment for the private sector to flourish. However, in conducting their role, many Governments are faced with challenges such as: lack of systems and structures to deliver to the grass-roots; lack of personnel with management competences and integrity;

Lack of adequate financial resources or failure to manage the resources when sourced from funding partners; among others.
KISHU Associates works in partnership with Governments by:
Sourcing and effectively managing of health workers to ensure effective service delivery to the people;
Providing Outsourced Financial Management services to manage the funds from development partners and ensure proper accountability;
Helping develop systems to enhance proper procurement and ensuring proper supply chain management;