While there has been progress over the years, Africa has and still faces healthcare challenges such as: a high maternal and newborn mortality rates; the huge burden of communicable diseases; an increasing rate of non-communicable diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes); diseases resulting from inadequate access to safe water; among many others (2017 WHO report). These challenges increase the burden on the already weak health systems in both public and private health facilities from community to national levels. This is worsened by the inadequate funding available to the sector.

Aligned to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal: [Good health and well-being], KISHU Associates works with development partners, together with the public, civil society and private organisations, to strengthen the systems in the health sector. KISHU Associates helps address these challenges through: sourcing and managing health workers; managing the funds from development partners and ensuring proper accountability; helping procure health products and ensuring proper supply chain management; rethinking strategy and service delivery models to ensure optimum results are gained from scarce resources; guiding the implementation of ICT for Health; among many others.