Corporate Environment Policy


KISHU is an independent Consultancy firms pecialising in consulting and project management across all industries.

KISHU’s Policy is to be environmentally responsible, through a commitment to:

      • Implementing and continually improving its project and office environmental management systems, conforming to the ISO 14001
      • Complying with legal and other requirements applicable to KISHU
      • Implementing environmental management programs to achieve environmental objectives and targets
      • Conducting all activities in an environmentally responsible manner to minimise the potential for any KISHU activities or outputs to cause significant adverse environmental impacts
      • Aiming for enhancement of beneficial environmental impacts of KISHU activities or outputs, to improve the quality of the environment we share with current and future generations
      • Prevention of pollution associated with any KISHU activities
      • Providing environmentally responsible, sustainable and practical options and solutions to clients
      • Monitoring, reviews and audits of KISHU’s environment performance.

KISHU Management is committed to being environmentally responsible in work KISHU undertakes by:

      • Employing competent staff
      • Raising awareness of sustainable development principles on our projects, wherever possible
      • Participating in relevant international conventions (e.g. UN Global Compact) and alignment with relevant international principles (e.g. The Equator Principles).