Waste Management

Solid waste management (SWM) deals with the growing waste problem in developing and emerging countries. Waste generation and the diverse streams of waste and recyclable materials are increasing in fast growing urban areas and centres. Today’s waste management solutions often have negative impact on public health, environment and climate. Environmental awareness has gained ground; new laws and regulations related to environmental protection and solid waste management are adapted. However, waste management systems often cannot cope with the increasing amounts of garbage. The competent authorities at all levels struggle to upgrade and maintain their SWM systems according to their national laws because of budget constraints and lack of expertise

KISHU Associates offers an integrated solid waste management approach. We provide sustainable, comprehensive and professional expertise and cost-effective solutions to SWM stakeholders at local, regional and national levels. In all our services climate change mitigation and adaptation measures are considered to ensure holistic solutions. KISHU Associate’s consultancy services include support in the development of the institutional and regulatory SWM framework, planning and implementation of tailor-made SWM systems. This includes waste minimisation strategies, reuse of commodities, viable recycling options and optimised waste logistics. We also provide assistance in design and construction of solid waste treatment and disposal facilities

Institutional and Regulatory Services

Environmentally sound and efficient solid waste management is impacting the entire SWM sector. Policies, strategies, plans, laws and regulations have to be built or redeveloped and enforced from the national down to the municipal level. Often the institutional structure has to be re-organised, and new departments and offices need to cope with the changing situation. The private sector must be involved, and the civil society has to be prepared for its participation and responsibilities in the new systems

Specific services

  • Policies, laws, regulations, strategies and economic instruments;
  • Institutional development/institutional strengthening at national, regional and municipal level;
  • SWM sector reorganisation;
  • Collaboration strategies for the public and private sector;
  • Design of awareness raising and behaviour changing campaigns;
  • Education/capacity building and training for sector professionals and service providers; and
  • Feasibility studies and economic analyses.

Solid Waste Management Planning and Implementation

The key to a feasible and sustainable SWM system lies in combining state-of-the-art technologies and expertise with locally available experience and suitability. Over the years, KISHU Associates proved that beyond their excellent technical know-how they have the necessary cultural sensibility to develop appropriate SWM systems

Specific services

  • Development of integrated solid waste management plans and concepts, including reduction, segregation at source, collection and transport optimisation, recycling, resource recovery, treatment, waste to energy options, environmentally sound disposal;
  • Development of project pipelines/road maps/action plans for the implementation of strategies, plans and concepts;
  • Design and implementation of awareness raising campaigns;
  • Public private partnerships;
  • SWM information management and monitoring systems; and
  • Environmental and social impact assessments.

Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Technology

Indiscriminate dumping of waste without prior treatment in unprepared areas, and burning of waste are common practice in many countries all over the world. This has serious negative impacts on environment and public health. It leads to pollution of ground and surface water, dissemination of diseases through vermin, and the accumulation of toxins in the food chain. Escaping landfill gas adds to climate change, and indiscriminate burning of solid waste leads to increased air pollution and respiratory diseases. To prevent these negative side effects, SWM systems should include waste avoidance, material reuse, resource recovery and various treatment modules, and a well-planned final disposal. KISHU Associates promotes to reduce the amount of waste finally disposed through recovering, sorting and treating of collected waste in appropriately designed and constructed SWM facilities. For the unavoidable residuals, our experts offer tailor-made and environmentally sound state-of-the-art sanitary landfills to minimise the negative impacts on environment and public health.

Specific services

  • Site investigation and site selection;
  • Design, planning, tender process support and construction supervision of waste treatment facilities (buy back centres, transfer stations, facilities for mechanical-biological treatment, composting, fermentation and material recovery);
  • Design, planning, tender process support and construction supervision of new landfills and landfill phased extensions or landfill rehabilitation; and
  • Landfill closure, aftercare and remediation, including refurbishment of landfill drainage systems, leachate collection and treatment, landfill gas collection and use, long-term monitoring services, environmental remediation.
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