ICT, once a luxury, is now a necessity that an organisation would ignore at its own peril. Be it communication through social media or the use of cloud-based applications and virtual work places or artificial intelligence or automation of processes, ICT has led to an unprecedented rate of change in how organisations are run. This, is matched by cybersecurity threats or losses of jobs that organisations have not been exposed to in the past. KISHU works with organisations to help them thrive by providing ICT Consulting to enable organisations to not only improve efficiencies but to embed ICT in their core delivery of value while ensuring security.

Under our Information & Communication Technology Capability, the following offerings are provided to our clients.
• Information Technology Policies and Procedures
• Business Continuity Plans
• Information Systems Audits
• Systems User Requirements Analysis
• Process Automation
• Website Design and Hosting
• Website Content Creation
• Digital Marketing
• Graphic Design
• ICT Support
• ICT Equipment supplies