E-Tender sourcing


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Simple, Powerful and Featureful

An easy to setup solution that offers a complete online platform for Tenders and Contract management. All in one platform, with an easy, fast, and completely secure experience. Save time with optimizing the work force. A verified and genuine marketplace with hundreds of suppliers and request proposal from whoever you want, customize pre-qualification process as per your standards. Join the new era of Tender and contract management that utilize smart contract on the cloud with real-time supplier monitoring solutions, to ensure that supplier will deliver as per terms, within the timelines and to the quality assured.

Key Benefits

  • Verified and Genuine Supplier Marketplace

  • Online Clarification & Negotiations

  • Automated notifications & reminders

  • AI based Evaluation & Scoring

  • Smart Contract based – project management & Contract lifestyle

Cost Savings
Companies save an average of 17% when using an online process for tendering and project managements
Spend Optimization
Reduce spending by sourcing through marketplace of suppliers and bring more spend under management
Blockchain technology ensures a transparent e-tendering process and improves relationships with all stakeholders and provides auditability.
Time Savings
Compared to using emails, sourcing through online solution Software saves over 30% in time and helps stay organized.

Key Features


The process of requisition creation is made hassle free. A document library with templates and web forms is available. Once created, the request will be sent for approval with just one click

Contracts & Order Management

Digital Contracts and self-executing smart contracts make it simpler and more efficient to manage terms between the parties. An order management system automates process thus eliminating paperwork with reducing time and saving costs.


Traditional methods of sourcing supplier pricing and capabilities is cumbersome at best. Supplier marketplace simplifies this process and allows greater efficiency when organizing data.


The system saves time and costs. Entire cycyle is moved online with transparent processes and peer to peer connectivity eliminating any middlemen activities. Time saved is money saved, allowing free resources for other productive roles and activities.